Roland Cube 20x bought new in April 2009. Amp works flawlessly. $125obo Willing to work out a trade for a Vox DA5 or Roland Micro Cube.

Forgot to add that it comes with original box and manual is included.
I have a micro cube, it has no problems but a small ding in the front...


1 question: why do you want to trade a more expensive amp for a cheaper similar version of the amp?

oh, and a second... what amps are modeled on it?
Your pic doesn't seem to work.

I don't know for sure what amps are modeled, I know the clean channel is modeled after the jc120.

I love the 20x but i have a Vox VT50 and I'd like to trade the 20x for something battery powered (ideally the Vox DA5 but a microcube is good too).