This is nothing to do with playing ability or attitude off the stage.

For me it would be Micheal Akderfelt, funny dude, has a good dialogue with the audience.


Hendrix, just the way he dominates the stage with his voice, attitude and performance his awsome.
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Akerfeldt is eh pretty cool guy yeah. He's great at gigs.

TBH I have an awful stage presence unless I'm drunk, when apparently I'm good, but I don't remember afterward what exactly it was that I did. Kinda shy even after playing live for a year and a half now. I'd prefer to have the presence of, say....anyone, haha.
Taking back sunday guy. God knows what his name is, but when i saw them, they were really entertaining.
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Adam d from killswitch engage

beat me to it
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Adam D from killswitch Engage, or Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria
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Adam d from killswitch engage

+1 that guys hilarious

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Gotta be Dimebag... When I saw him play with Pantera and then Damageplan I was impressed.

Larger than life on stage and an awesome showman.
I'm surprised no one mentions Angus Young. It's not easy to beat him when it comes to stage pressence.
Orion from Behemoth(he's the bassist, but still). When I saw them at Mayhem he dominated the stage.
Duff, yes I know he's a bassist, but he does play some guitar and his stage presence is awesome.
not the guys from lamb of god. they played extremely well, but the only one with a real stage presence was randy blythe. the rest of em just kinda stood there and walked around headbanging. was still a lot of fun though.
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Jason Becker. Yo-yo+shred=win
or Buckethead. Doing the robot to some self composed techno is pretty awesome.
John Lydon when he was in the pistols in the 70s, for a guy so small in his heydey he ripped.
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Angus Young, he's ****in amazing
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I'd prefer to have the stage which I'd make my presence on.
Damn hard to find musicians

I reckon my stage presence is fine, the times I've been on stage I've been interactive, a bit flashy, but still focusing on my playing, I've found a nice balance between playability and showmanship.
Just need a band.
I'd love to have stage presence like Yngwie but it's just too hard to play and move like that.
Herman Li... Just for the shits and giggles of having a dwarf follow you around with an industrial fan
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Buckethead, that one guy from Paramore is pretty cool too I guess. (does flips and shit)

Tom and Mark from Blink 182 make shows interesting (unrelated but I just wanted to throw this in), and when I think of stage presence, I think of Steve Vai's one act where he'd swing his guitar around by the tremolo. It sounds like crap but it looks pretty cool.
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that one guy from Paramore is pretty cool too I guess. (does flips and shit)
That would be Jeremy Davis, the bass player. During Pressure, Josh (lead guitar) will stand in the middle of the stage and bend over at the last second as Jeremy charges at him and rolls over his back. They've not been doing it that often recently though, for whatever reason. Search YouTube for 'Paramore Pressure flip' and there's a hundred videos of it.

Speaking of which, I'd go for Jeremy Davis. He's really great live, last time I saw Paramore I actually found myself watching him just as much as Hayley. It probably helps him that he's several inches taller than everyone else in the band except Zac (drummer) who's sat down anyway. He does this odd, funky, side-to-side shuffle when he plays that I've subconciously adopted, I find myself doing it without meaning to. I don't think I saw him take his eye off the crowd for a second, which was nice, and he and Hayley never stop smiling all performance - compared to Taylor (rhythm guitar) who spends most of his time in one spot staring at his hands and Josh (lead guitar) who always looks like someone just told him they ****ed his mother.

Failing him, Duff McKagan, for pretty much the same reasons. He seems to really appreciate being out there but at the same time he commands the stage well, he never looks lost or bored.
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i would love to have the stage presence of Billie Joe Armstrong. no matter how talented/un-talented he may be, he is amazing on stage. he has like an unlimited supply of energy, and is always running around. hes fun to watch when yur at the concert.

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