Need your help ive been playing for 6 months and originally bought a vintage v100 (les paul style) but dont like the sound i would prefer a single coil sound ie strat/tele but cant afford a usa or mex strat/tele. what other options do i have ive been offered a ibanez sa260fm is this more a metal guitar as i am an indie fan (strumming), please help.

vintage make strat style guitars too
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i would go for a squier strat or tele. they are good and cheap, especialy vintage modified ones. the standard and affinity are pretty cool to.
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check out rondomusic they have alot of different styles of guitars that are fairly well made and pretty cheap.

Im not going to say most, but alot of their models are availible in leftys which is a really nice accomadation. My best friend is a lefty and he went through hell trying to get the guitars he wanted in left-hand until he found rondo.
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cheers for the quick replies, squier dont do left handed teles and only one strat (not keen on the finish), im uk based so rondo music is not an option. are there any other single coil guitars i should be looking at either new or second hand.

thanks in advance
Yahama Pacifica?

It's HSS, but it's going to be difficult to meet your requirements I think - what is your budget?


You can get a couple of colours in the Squiers, but at the price for a standard, I'd save a bit more and go for a Mexi.


Or there is an affinity - but I think I'd pass on that

Yeah looked at the yamaha, I have option of the yam an early 90s squier or the ibanez at around 250 quid anybody got any opinions on the ibAnez