So I broke my laptop and havent been on here in a while...so pit, can you tell me when and why we now have drum tabs?

I mean, a drum forum would be ok so people can share techniques and stuff but tabs? really? just listen to the song and play what you hear. its a hell of a lot easier than playing an instrument with notes by ear.
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It's ease of use. Why do people use guitar tabs? It's easier than learning songs by ear. Same principal for drums I'd assume.
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Some while ago. And apparently, people quite enjoy it. If you're no drummer, yet want to cover a song with electronic drums, I definitely see the need for it. I know I don't always distinguish the right drums.

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Drumming isnt hard to tab by ear at all :P

Hell you can even learn from fecking guitar pro a drum tab, its not hard to seperate out the notes and learn which sounds like a Cymbol and a Tom. As a none drummer myself, i taught myself muscle museum by Muse just by working out what i remember that it sounds like combined with looking at some GP5 drum tab.

All you had to do is seperate out the 'echo' notes that people laden drums with in GP5 for incrased 'beef' in the drum tracks


And also, what's wrong with the expansion of UG? Eventaully it had to happen, because the UG company won't limit itself :p Which is understandable, i also see nothing wrong with an expansion of the community, it simply means more resources are readily available to you. And you have Drummers experience of what to buy should you want to buy drum parts etc.
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Why not? It shouldn't concern you any. Some people don't like or have trouble learning drums by ear, just like some of us have problems playing guitar/bass by ear.
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I used to find tabs for drums when I first started out. The cool thing about drum tabs is that they pretty much look just like sheet music for drums. I see nothing wrong with it. It helps to visualize what you hear until you're good enough to play by ear.
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Why not? It shouldn't concern you any. Some people don't like or have trouble learning drums by ear, just like some of us have problems playing guitar/bass by ear.

Lol but tbh the margin is a bit more varied and larger for guitarists/bassists :P

Drums have like what - 10 'notes' collectively? It really isn't that hard to build up a beat by playing the song, and hitting various bits of your kit, and when it sounds right, combine and repeat. Guitar and bass is alot different than just randomly testing bits, a song for drums wouldnt even take a day to get a rough estimate of, gutiar and bass could take weeks to get it perfect