For enthusiasts of flannel shirts.

In here, we talk about flannel shirts, brands of flannel shirts, etc.

I'll start it off with two questions:

1) What brands of flannel shirts do you wear and why?

2) What are some cheap, warm, good-looking, fitted flannel shirts?
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Florida is too hot for flannel most of the year, but I wear plaid a lot.

A lot meaning almost daily.
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Flannel shirt wearer reporting in

I prefer Lee Cooper stuff, pretty cheap and lasts a while, just black and white though, nothing crazy
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I have two flanel shirts, I put them on my dogs.
They like to wear them, while shitting logs.

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This thread succeeds in so many ways.

Personally, my favourites are largely brown based ones, though there's a Carthartt yellow and black one I'm eyeing up presently. Awesome and immensely rugged, but a massive price tag to boot (£55).
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I LOVE YOU soooo much for making this thread.

I love blue flannel.
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i have one that looks similar to this. its a little big on me though because its a medium and im a small
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I got three which were...holy shit...80 bucks a-piece! Jesus Christ.
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This is my main flannel by Enjoi. I have a few Vans, and a few from the USA (Pac Sun I think). I had a red lumberjack plaid flannel outside/polyester inside jacket but it's too small now. I never wear hoodies anymore.

Personally I hate that plaid is so popular. I used to be the only kid in school who wore it, now you can't find clothes in a store that arent plaid.
Not only is blue flannel nice but I really love red. Any man wearing flannel is just WIN.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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