As i've gone mad and bought 7 guitars, i need some hard cases. For:
Fender Jaguar
Gibson Firebird
Gibson SG.

I'm on a medium budget, no more than £50 each. Any of you have any wisdom to share about the pros and cons of different makes? As i can't really test a hard case.
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There was a dude on here I saw who made custom cases.

Retailers or the manufacturers are probably the best option. Surely you don't need a hardcase for every single guitar unless you're touring with them all?
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+1 for SKB. They are my case. They are awesome. I love my SKB cases, especially the TSA latch cases. Light and tough. They are also the cases used to float sensitive materials out of New Orleans during one of the hurricanes, which one I can't remember. But they literally FLOATED sensitive equipment, media, and documents out of the flood in SKB cases. True story. How, you ask? Well, before the spaces got flooded, obviously. It was too heavy to carry, and they figured the area was going to flood, but they couldn't get vehicles out of there, so they floated it out - in SKB cases!
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I have a few vintage guitars, and i'd like to keep em safe. I looked at the SKB site, couldn't find anything for the Jag, and the Firebird case is well out of my price range. Any ideas?
Horseness is the whatness of allhorse.
We are all Neil Lennon
UG GT5 group