I need peoples advice on whats a good acoustic song to learn.
it's gotto be tabbed for me to learn it
it should be like a jimmy page/beethoven type acoustic masterpiece
Antonio Forcione
Michael Chapdelaine
Andy Mckee
Tomme Emmanuel
Trace Bundy

when you can play al their songs, come back
Jimmy Page is Rock/Blues, Beethoven was Classical/Romantic.
Leave they guy alone, they're alike in at least one respect
Jimmy Page made kick ass music
Beethoven made kick ass music

That puts them pretty close in my books.

The fact that the lived hundreds of years apart means their music will be different but they are both still awesome.

Anyway learn Babe I'm Gonna Leave You. It sounds cool on an acoustic guitar (on any guitar for that matter).
^ thats prolly my fave led zep song, its great any way you play it. i've just played the arp'ed chords on a bass and sung it and still got applause.

check out lindsay buckingham "go insane"
Quote by 20Tigers
Jimmy Page made kick ass music
Beethoven made kick ass music


Good point though.
Babe I'm gonna leave you / Moonlight Sonata medley....


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Beatles' Blackbird was inspired by Bach's Bouree. The Bouree is also cool to play by the way. Like mentioned before, anything from Tommy Emmanuel is awesome.

Good luck!
I quite like some of David Usher's stuff. Very melodic. Slightly poppy.

Wish you were here - Pink Floyd.
You can also look at Joe Robinson.. young australian guitarist, plays like tommy emmanuel but faster... no one has really tried to tab his stuff and I cant be bothered... but look him up anyway.. hes a freak!