basically, a guy wants to sell me 4 100 watt jensen speakers for $20 a piece, so $80 for all four.

I have a mesa, and i know that alot of fender's use jensens which make me question whether they are good for my music styles or not, but that seems like a good deal...

I play soft rock/punk/hard rock/light metal.

are jensens good all round? what do you guys think about this deal?
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Jensens are not good all around. The older jensens were more or less clean and light OD speakers for fender style amps, and were decent speakers. The new ones are meant for the same thing but aren't particularly good speakers. I don't think you'll like them at all for your heavier stuff.
Colin's right, they are okay-ish for cleans, and not great for heavy OD/Dist.

That said, unless they're the garbage they put in their cheap SS amps, that's a pretty good price for four. I'd buy 'em.
new ones are very middy and bright. They would sound weird in a mesa.
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If you're playing any amount of dirt through them, no, they're not the greatest.

Its also important to keep in mind that to say that ALL Jensens are good would saying that ALL Celestions are good...which simply isn't the case...

I'm sure Jensen has their equivalent of the Rocket 50, the 70/80, the MG-65, and so on...which we all know are bloody terrible speakers.

What model number are the Jensens in question?
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