Learn how the scales you've learned can create chords. For example, a simple triad is constructed with the 1st, 3rd, and 5th notes of a given scale. That one rule can be applied to any scale, Major or Minor, and is the foundation for a good portion of the chords you will learn.
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now that i now the major and minor scaales where do i go from here
How well do you know them? Can you play them in any key, anywhere on the neck, in any direction? More importantly, can you use them? Do you understand how they are related to each other?

If not, keep playing with them til you are really comfortable with them, before you start to learn something new.

If you are already really comfortable using the Major and minor scales, I'd learn to harmonise them by stacking thirds. Thats really useful for learning chord construction, starting to understand diatonic chord progressions, working out what key a song is in, and all sorts of other things.
Build chords. All sorts of chords. Make sure you have the major scale completely down, including intervals (sounds), enharmonic spellings and chords/inversions/slash chords etc. Then move on to modes maybe?
I agree with chord construction. I started with figured bass chord construction.
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