starting an online bands always been my kind of thing. sumbit your position and ill check up your mp3s. I'm not too sure whats going to be our genre but Im open to any.

And now a little bit about me. I'm a bassist in Canada. I have a one year experience in front of me, I play things like YYZ, Higher ground- RHCP and I can learn pretty fast.
I also make bass lines very quickly (2 mins average).

Ill pm if you join or not, but im pretty much taking anyone.


Bassist: Me


Guitarists: Need a name

Vocals maybe?:
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I play acoustic guitar. I've been playing for a year now. I unforunately only have an acoustic guitar but once I get a job I'm gonna buy an electric. I play a lot of Paramore and I'm trying to learn some Thrice mostly the lead lines.

-- Sade
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love crime
finna do a love crime

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i play guitar, bass, drums, piano, sing, and have other random percussion instruments i can play. Been playing them for 5 years, 1 year, 4 years, 15 years, almost all my life, and depends on what random percussion instrument. I can play pretty much every style (minus speed arpegios and the like) and have written over a hundred songs in the past five years
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