My apologies if this isn't the correct place for this question.

However, I was curious as to whether such a thing exists as a button (like the ones people use for killswitches) that can be used to toggle between using your bridge or neck pickup? If so, where? Can a killswitch can be wired to serve this purpose? I do not use both pickups at once so that option isn't needed.

I'm curious because I'd like to integrate more leads into my playing, but I find it difficult/a hassle to constantly stop a locate the toggle between my tone & volume knobs and pull it in either direction.

Any help is appreciated.

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sure, that would be simple to do. you would just need something like a SPDT switch, depending on the control and pickup configuration. easy enough to do if you dont want the "both" option. make your way over to the wiring thread and someone there should be more than happy to draw you something.