C4C; I have weird taste as far as songs like this go, so I kind of need to know what people do and don't like, so I know what to change, and have a good idea of what people like so I can continue the piece. Be honest, be harsh, and most of all, be constructive (I think this is becoming my catch-phrase).

Edit: A bit of rewriting.
Projecta 29.zip
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It sounds like something i'd hear in Aladdin...the chorus is really "peppy"
It was good with before the lead guitar came in and after the drums kicked in...the part in between doesn't sound too hot. Honestly, it sounds out of key. But I could be wrong. I love what the clean guitar plays, however. Also, the chorus isn't as distinguished as it should be. It just sounds...weak, I suppose. But if it were on real instruments it would probably sound much better.

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I redid it a bit, and updated the OP to include MIDI. I think you're right about that not working as a chorus; I changed it to a bridge, and a pre-chorus.