Alright, so I just got a bass recently and I don't really know anything about it, butI'm thinking about trying out flatwound strings and I was told that the D'Addario Chromes were my best bet. I was just looking around and there's a crap load of different kinds- http://store.daddario.com/category/154563/Chromes_Flat_Wound_Long_Scale_Singles - Can anyone help me out on what kind I need? I have an Ibanez SR500 if that helps.
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Which strings are best is entirely a matter of personal taste. There is someone endorsing every brand out there. Try different strings and see which ones suit you best. Sadly, when you play the bass, this can be an expensive process of elimination. D'Addario makes fine strings and many players use them.
^That is very true, strings are all about taste.

Although, I would like to add that you can generally get an idea about what strings will lean more towards the type of sound your after, for instance alot of people with very smooth tones use D'Addario Chromes, whereas more of the flatwound users who play rock use Rotosound 77 flats.
Okay I guess that helps a little. But, do I need to worry about buying strings that wont like fit on my bass or anything because there's different gauges and stuff and I dunno what the heck any of it means.
Different gauges won't cause a problem with fitting (except maybe the nut), but different gauges will require setups. Length isn't as much of a problem, what scale is your bass? Or, what is it? Strings are labelled as to what size bass they will fit on, so that really shouldn't become a problem.