Whenever I try to play left hand muted strings to get that funky chuka-chuka sound, the tone never sounds right. It comes out as more of a thunka-thunka. For example, I'm trying to play Always On The Run by Lenny Kravitz, and the muting sounds awesome in the song, but when I play, it really doesn't. I'd expect a lower tone if I was using the lower strings, but I'm only using the g, b and e strings. Is it just an EQ thing I need to look at? Should I boost my highs a lot?
Yes hes using a wah. also where you mute and the pressure you apply will change the pitch. It sounds like hes muting over harmonic nodes too. Im quite a fan of that sound
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One Word. Wah. You're gonna want to invest in a wah pedal to pull off that sound, if not you'll just get a really metallic scraping sound.
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its more in the picking hand than the fretting hand.

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