Quite often on the acoustic guitar I find myself playing in very avante garde ways in order to acheive different tonal nuances, such as turning tuning pegs while a harmonic has been settled, fingering a barre chord and slapping the boney joint of my thumb at the 12 fret of each string in a matter to hit the note and harmonics with one hammer-like precussive action, and even using foreign object such as a pole taken off a chime or a gentle hammer-type appliance for piano like tones.

Does anyone else here use very odd things like this with their acoustics to produce odd overtonal feats?
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Not with my ACOUSTIC per se, but i crank up some distortion on my Electric, and come up with some weird shit, actually im writing one now that Polkadot Cadaver would be proud of, speaking of avante garde. i think its a way to broaden your horizons
Everyone feel free to post techniques you have made your own.

Precussive guitar an using a violin bow are very popular nowadays.

I Find that the use of a steel wind chime (a single pole of hollow steel, preferably not to thick) can be placed under the strings, this is not very original but by making the strings very loose, and then putting a capo a few frets after the fret you have placed the bar, then tightening up to tension, a sort of resonant quality is added, along with a bar that can be used to shift pitch.