Well, I foung this thing in my Grandpa's basement between a couple of boxes...and I know nothing of it...

It is obvious the neck and body dont belong together, they arent even attached right now, but the neck is a harmony and I think the body is a kay. If you look up close there is a kay logo on the pickgiuard, and on the back there is a small silver thing with the serial #, but I didn't picture that...I'll get it tomorow...

Anyone know anything about this...Any info would be appriciated!! Thx.


Good luck.

But nice find, when I opened it I was like please tell me that it isn't a gibson..
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It looks a lot like this 1959 K1 Kay minus the Bigsby style trem. They made a K2 also but I can only find pics of them with an older SG style tremolo too. I would imagine the neck is mid 60's Silvertone who was tied in with Kay, Harmony, Teisco and others back in the day.

You might find some more info on the neck here.
New Question!! Anyone know any new techniques for getting that type of corrosion off of chrome????

Those pickups remind me of Teisco guitars I've seen. At the very least, it should make a cool slide guitar.
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Joint venture kind of deal... If I'm not mistaking Kay and Tiesco were somehow related...Like cousins of something...

according to mythbusters cola is a great way of getting corrosion off of chrome
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i've heard cola and rubbing it with aluminum foil polishes chrome pretty nicely. never tried it myself tho
Kay and Harmony were related in the 60s, if I remember correctly.
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Semi-chrome polish should work nicely on that chrome. Depends on how bad the corrosion is though. Can't do anything about it if it's pitted.
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New Question!! Anyone know any new techniques for getting that type of corrosion off of chrome????

Coke and tin foil works well. I'm serious.
listen to the guys on mythbusters. they know their shit man!

good luck getting this thing fixed up like you want it!

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How can it be a 59? It's obviously an SG copy, and the SG was only made in 1961. Besides, most japanese clones of american guitars weren't so similar looking until the 1970's.

Maybe it's just me being ignorant, but I doubt this guitar was made in 1959. I'm guessing it was made in the late 60's.

EDIT: A bit of research has shown that the guitar is a Kay K-2, produced in the late 60's and early 70's. At least the body is, anyway.
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