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Just got my wisdom teeth out this morning and haven't been able to eat anything but a Frosty, jello and some really tiny, bland pasta that I tried to season up a bit but it still wasn't that great. So, I'm looking for some suggestions of food to eat that's soft, yet kind of savory. I'd kill for a burger right now...
i had to have soup for a sucked
you could try a blended burger though
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A bowl of nails. WITHOUT MILK!!!
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A bowl of nails. WITHOUT MILK!!!

Everyone know you can't eat a bowl of nails without milk!
honestly there isnt much you can eat that isnt in liquid form, just make sure you eat/ drink stuff with protien and iron. i went a whole week without eating anything other than soup and i blacked out whil walking up a flight of stairs it would have been pretty funny if i could remember it
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i had to have soup for a sucked
you could try a blended burger though

I was considering getting a Big Mac and blending it but I dont think it would be that great.

Diggin you sig btw. RHCP is sweet.
Microwave ramen.


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make whatever pasta you made before with butter and maple syrup. and raw eggs, for protein. and blended broccolli, for nutrients. and peanut butter, for salmonellerz
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Mashed potatoes?

mashed potatoes.

possibly with some soft meat, like canned tuna
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Chocolate pudding!
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Creamed potatoes. Delicious.
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mashed potatoes and cheese

scrambled eggs with ketchup

and you know you want it ...

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mashed potatoes and cheese

scrambled eggs with ketchup

and you know you want it ...

Hahaha. Effing awesome. Made me laugh and even tho it hurt a little, thank you.

Pastas as well. You can never go wrong with Pastas.

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easy mac.
I just had mine out 2 weeks ago. Thats pretty much all I ate.
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apple sauce, yum yum.
butter and jam sandwich
soft fruits like mangos and grapes.

Just soft stuff in general.
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Enjoying your swollen cheeks?

On topic: Just about everything everyone else has said is correct
When I had mine out all I ate was rice with some broccoli mixed in, with some nice homemade biscuits. It was really pretty nice.
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vicodin and milkshakes

that's all i had when i got mine out.

it was awesome.

Did you get a cane to go with that?

I've found some savory stuff to eat, thank god. Also, my cheeks aren't swollen hardly at all, just my gums where the teeth were. S'all good tho.
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