I'm 17 and my band is playing in the schools annual battle of the bands.

I have no idea where to put this threat at, but since this is the only column that had the word "band" in it I've decided to put it here.

Well we need some suggestions for Cofee House/batle of the bands.

We play Metal and need some GOOD beginner songs, because this is our second gig together as a band and we need something easy and fun, something like Linkin Park or
I don't know, any easy but good sounding artist.

Another question: How much are we looking in equipment? I have a tube amp and a good guitar which is pretty loud but the rest of my band members need some good decent equipment

what would you recommend? (some good START up) equipment nothing expensive please

thank you!




edit: been playing 9 months. I can play the full "This Fire Burns" by killswitch but can't do pinch harmonics yet
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Rose of Sharyn is probably the easiest song in the history of metal. Do it.
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