Hey guys,

I'm checking out a Strat I found on Craigslist tomorrow, sounds great and looks great, only a few months old and the guy stabilized the tremelo and replaced the tuners with locking tuners(and all the work was done at a local shop that I know does great work so I'm happy about that), and is pretty much everything I want. Pictures will be posted tomorrow, trust me.

But, I went by a store today to try out a few strats because I know I've been wanting a quality strat. They had a few MIM and about 3 MIA strats and a few other off brands. We got to talking and I tried out all the MIM strats and guy said that the MIM strats have the same pickups as the MIA strats... is this true?

I know that MIA strats have a different tone knob and switch, made with better wood and such, but I don't know about the pickups. Any help is appreciated. Know I'm just curious cause it didn't sound right, I have a hard time believing that the pickups are the same.

And yes, he was talking about the new strats hanging on the walls, so I'm not talking about the older strats where the MIM's and the MIA's had a lot more in common.
no, there is a difference in the magnets. The guy was either wrong or lying.
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not true

btw have fun with your new guitar
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Don't forget when buying a 2nd hand instrument you (obviously) only have a choice of one. There is more variation in quality in MiM strats than the MIA's since they have higher quality checks. You may find a gem of an MIM which is better than an MIA or it may be significantly worse. Worth bearing in mind when you play other MIM's that they are NOT identical to the one you're buying

EDIT: why is the guy selling it after modding it a lot and only having had it a few months? are you paying new prices or 2nd hand prices?
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I get to play it for as long as i want and I talked him down from 350 to 250. Comes with a hardcase. I figured as long as it plays well its worth it. Said he's getting rid of it cause he only plays his acoustic.

EDIT: and like I said, i'm getting the receipt from the purchase and from all the mods, that were done at a trustworthy store that I go to all the time, so i know they were done properly. This place sets up all their guitars before they put them on the wall. Im hoping for a quality instrument, and I'm more than willing to say no if theres anything wrong with it or if it doesn't interest me. I'll just wait another week. Used MIM strats are all over the place.
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The woods used, by the way, are the same on the MIM's and the American Standards, except that American Standards use either alder OR ash, and the MIM's are alder.
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Quote by Ludichris@Once
The woods used, by the way, are the same on the MIM's and the American Standards, except that American Standards use either alder OR ash, and the MIM's are alder.

Sorry, I should have specified.

I believe that the MIMs use 5 pieces glued together and MIA's use 3. But yes, they are all alder, with the exception of the Ash ones.