Alrighty Pit, I am planning on going as Kurt Cobain for Halloween this year...yes, as a 16-year old guy, I still do Halloween because I enjoy getting free candy. So, my question is: Would it be disrespectful to Kurt's memory to draw "x" eyes on my eyelids? x_X I know that carrying a toy shotgun or syringe would be horrible, but would x eyes be? And if you don't like Halloween, Kurt Cobain, or Nirvana, please don't be hatin'
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I think it would be funny.
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I think the shotgun would be the funniest.
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Fuck that. I'm going as Dimebag Darrell with a bunch of blood coming out the back of my head.

Nah, not really. But you should just go as Kurt. Nothing related to his addiction or his suicide. Just Kurt.
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Only going as his present day, festering corpse would be innappropriate.
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