i was looking through vids to help me with this part in the song and came across this video and i really enjoy his tone hes got

does anyone know maybe what settings(similiar ones that is)? or what he could be using?

i'm pretty sure this isn't frusciantes tone or i would use the ultimate settings thread.

flextone is my amp
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neck pup on a strat played clean with a bit of reverb. thats a one of a kind sound my friend, can't get it with just a 3-band EQ. my only suggestion would be to get a strat i guess
Having a Fender Strat also helps produce that sound. I have a Spider II amp and just toss it on Clean and i've got the sound. To help you out:

Low amount of bass,
Mid Trebel,
And Probably 6-7 Treble

Mess around with your settings (and even pickups) a bit in order to produce the sound you want. Keep in mind, he uses a diff tone than Frusciante uses in the song. Frusciante uses a bit more treble and middle, and a slight amount of gain to give the notes a sharp attacking sound, which help penetrate the bass frequencies in a recording or performance.
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