I was resetting my floyd rose bridge and then it was all in tune, bridge set and leveled fine I found the string really really tight. They aren't loose at all and when I press down on the whammy bar I can barely get it to go slack at all. What can I do? Thanks for the help!!
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There is a FR set up sticky in Electric Guitar

This, and just in case you've already read it, it might help to post pictures of your problem.
I say this because I am having trouble envisioning your exact problem here matey.
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Are you tuned an octave too high?

That would definitely snap the strings, bend the neck or not be possible because the trem would pull way too far for the springs to be able to compensate for.
What gauge strings are you using TS?
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Are you tuned an octave too high?

I know that they aren't, I've done that before haha
Truss rod adjustments? VERY SLIGHT. Its supposed to counteract tension in the neck. Read the set up guide and see if theres something on truss rods in there.