Alright on my Epi LP ( also own a squier bullet ) sometimes when I'm standing and the cord gets in a certain position itll cut out. I tried another chord but I'm thinking both if not one is bad.

I hd this problem earlier on my bullet ( not anymore for some reason ) but I think its because the jack is on the body rather then on the side.

Say there was a problem with my input jack, would it be expensive to fix?
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try the amp, test the cables and amp with new guitar; take out input jack see if the wires are stuck to it.
if the problem happens with both guitars then it's the cable

if there was a problem with the jack, it wouldn't be to expensive to have repaired
though it's really easy to repair yourself and probably cheaper and quicker too
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if it is the input jack its usually just that a wire fell off or broke, usually only requires a little soldering, you could easily do it yourself if you have a soldering kit and if not it shouldnt be very expensive to have someone do for you
So I am safe if it is the input jack?


Edit: how exactly do I take the input jack out to see if this is the problem without breaking something..
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Peavey Triumph 112 120W all tube
Takamine EG333C
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you need to find a cable you know works.

or you can remove the screws in the plate, and see if both wires are connected.

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