Ok, so I've been looking into a new guitar. Recently I've switched from playing electric to acoustic and I've been using this really crappy hand-me-down Lyon (I know, shut up). However, I've decided it's finally time to upgrade.

I've had an offer to buy an acoustic off of Devin of the band Emery - half of the novelty of this guitar is that it's toured with a pretty sweet band. But anywho, it's a Takamine EG404c Limited Edition (http://www.zozomusic.com/musicstore/pc/Takamine-EG404C-Limited-Edition-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-and-Gigbag-68p181.htm) It's got quilted maple for the body and a rosewood fingerboard. To be honest, I'm not sure what the quilted thing means? Especially as compared to a solid?

The second - a guy I know pointed out this guitar to me: (http://www.guitarcenter.com/Takamine-EAN40C-NEX-Cutaway-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-880373-i1467439.gc) Solid mahogany top which I've heard is a good thing? How much better is this guitar?

Any information about the quality of these buys would be great. Plus it's nice to learn what makes an acoustic good. Thanks for the help. =]
Being quilted doesn't mean it's not solid lol.

Quilted is just the type of grain on the top piece of wood. It's purely aesthetic.




plain wood grains are usually just painted over with a solid paint or really deep stain or some kind of finish, I know the finish on my acoustic is much different than the standard electric guitar paint.

PS sorry for big pic
I'd take the EAN40C easy. It's got a Solid Cedar top, and a solid mahogany back+laminate mahogany sides and an incredible preamp, much better electronics than the quilted guitar, even has a built in tuner.
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For accuracy's sake, Quilt is figuring, NOT grain. Grain and figuring run perpendicular to each other.

Anyway, get the second one.
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Quilted is really just the figuring on the wood, If you cut it at different angles you get all sorts of effects. A lot of tree's have different figures, Maple has quilting and flaming mainly, you can get it at different angles, which is usually rounded into one group called Figured.

And Solid wood is just refering to the actual pieces, Some guitars have e V wedge in the back piece, and some have a soundboard made from 2 pieces.

FYI - Laminate = Fake wood, Although not necasarily better or worse.
- Action = Distance of the strings to frets (simple answer)
And body shape always affects the tone. For example, NEX Have a fairly Bright tone, higher on the treble than bass,
OM and Dreadnaught have Well balanced tone, OM has more projection.
Jumbo and the other sorts with skinny waists usually have a Bassier tone to them.

Just keep this in mind when you pick your guitar, remember what sort of music you will be playing. Flashy looks are your LAST concern when buying an instument. An instrument is an investment in your life.
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