Has anybody tried out this guitar? There's barely any reviews on it, and the stores won't order it for me just to try, I have to actually buy it first...(it's a "special order"). I don't really know Deans (and aren't usually a fan of them to be honest). So if worst comes to worst and I can't try this guitar specifically, which guitar should I be trying to get a feel for how this guitar would play?

I'm looking for a "wall of guitars" rhythm guitar (24-3/4 scale, set neck, 22 frets, mahogany...), and my pricerange is anywhere between this guitar and the ESP Eclipse II if anyone has any other suggestions. The Eclipse is very appealing to me in every way except it doesn't feel unique or exciting to me (I love the snow white with black hardware, but I've never been a huge fan of LP shapes). I'd even be willing to get rid of the 22 frets and switch to alder if it still gives me a nice thick sound. I'm also sort of trying to stay away from the superstrat shape because I've got an ESP Horizon NT-II as my lead guitar, but really, whatever works.