I am the singer from the band Surmised, and we are doing everything that we can possibly think of to get noticed, and we were wondering if maybe someone could listen to our music and maybe tell us what we are doing wrong.

All of our music is professionally recorded, we spent well over 4 grand on our 3 songs we have right now.

So let me know what you think http://www.myspace.com/surmised
Sounds really good, but don't be afraid to be different and more unique and less like bands like 3 Doors Down. Sure there will always be influences but draw inspiration from everything and maybe try writing more artistic lyrics, use metaphors and a more diverse vocabulary, etc. People will be like "wow I like this, it has a messsage and is really artistic, these guys have a lot of creativity"

Some lyricists i would recomend looking to for such creativity would be Tim McIlrath (Rise Against), Matt Heafy (Trivium), and James Hetfield (Metallica). They might not be the same genre but look at the way they use vocabulary, metaphors, and ohter various poetic techniques to enhance their music and the message behind it.
Hope this helps.

One last thing, as far as getting noticed by people who matter, they want to see creativity and potential because they want to pay you to make them money.
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thanks man, we will definitely put those techniques into our next songs
The second song, Understand, sounds incredibly like 5FDP's The Bleeding, or maybe it's just me.