I've have my Jackson guitar for about 2 years now, it has a floyed rose... and i've noticed it becoming harder and harder to turn the fine tuneing screws, they're stiff so I can't tune up or down very far...

Is it a common thing then to have to buy a new ones, plus also update the locking nuts at the other end.... worn out and cant righten them with the key anymore.
I havent attemped taking them out yet (tuners) so i'm just wondering if it's as simple as popping them out and buying a new set?

thats weird. my kramer has had the same fine-tuning screws for over 20 years. is it a lfr?
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is it a lfr?


well i guess it's just me then hmmm.
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well i guess it's just me then hmmm.

if you dont like them go ahead and replace, i doubt they are more than 5-10 bucks. also try what that one guy said. some 3 in 1 oil i think?
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oil it, should help. You could also think about a new bridge, if you have the cash rotting in the bank, at least.
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