In Absolute Perfect New Condition - no cosmetic flaws, rubs, scrapes; sounds exactly the way it is suppose to sound.

My old gear setup was a JCM 800 100w going through a 1960a cab.
I decided to downsize because all that heavy equipment is pretty useless when all you have to do is mic the amp (imo).
I sold my marshall 4x12 cab and bought a 1964 fender blackface 2x12 cab.

So then it was time to sell the 100w head to downsize to a 30w head.

but somewhere along the line my JCM 800 went totally hay-wires; I took it to 3 different Marshall repair services under their warranty and neither of them could figure out what was wrong (trust me, not tube issues). What the amp was doing was just making a horrible hissing noise when the fx loop was bypass and didn't make any noise at all when fx loop was active. And they could never find what the problem was. I got fed up.

Hopefully you guys wont flame me for this but i went to the biggest corporation guitar store (I'm sure you know what store that is) and bought a new JCM 800. Took it home, switched the back-plates from the amps (because the new one was black and the old one was brass) and serial numbers. Took it back and returned it.

Got me a brand new spankin amp baby!

My thought - they're a billion dollar corporation - who cares.

So I have this BRAND NEW JCM 800 100w amp that I'm trying to sell in hopes of getting the Vox AC30 head.

If anyone is interested just send me an e-mail at medina4262@sbcglobal.net

I'm also going to visit different shops around my town to see what they will offer and I also put an ad up on craigslist.

So like i said before just send offers to my email (medina4262@sbcglobal.net) and I will get back to you and keep you up to date.

If you want pics just shoot me an email also.

This amp sells for 2,200 brand new btw, which is what exactly the amp I have right now is ..brand new.