Say I'm jamming to a certain song in the key of A playing the minor pentatonic, then the next song is in the key of E. How in the heck do you memorize all these different shapes for each key? Are there certain keys that are most common that you only need to memorize? Such a simple basic question but I'm curious if I'm making this harder than it has to be, which I'm afraid I'm not. Anyways, thanks
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start on your root note, apply the M or m formula...done

being fluid in a key all over the fretboard just takes playing with
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Learn the notes of the neck, and the notes of the scales, and you'll be able to find them all over the neck.

Learn them in steps and intervals too, and you'll understand them better, which makes it easier to find the notes you want.

A scale has the same step/interval pattern whatever the root - which means the shapes they make on the neck are also the same. The root itself moves for each key though - so the pattern moves up or down the neck.
What is a good ska-sounding chord progression in Am? Is there a site that I can find this at
Not everyone here is this sad fu<ked up &cold