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Work on a demo with the descent recording equipment i have, then try to distribute the music
1 5%
Work on getting gigs and preforming live, get my name out there
2 10%
A combination of both at the same time
17 85%
Voters: 20.
I've been playing guitar for many many years and now think im good enough to get myself out their as a singer/songwriter. I've been writing for a little over a year now and have about 15 songs written. I was wondering what should i focus on.

P.s i live in a college town with a pretty big music scene.
I'd say do some smaller gigs, and work on the demo. Then as you git bigger you get a small backing band, and work on a better demo
Both if you can. Playing gigs is fine but it helps to have a demo that you can give to venues who might book you. Open mics are good to start as you can usually just sign up on the night. You'll want to have a demo you can give to anybody who shows an interest. Don't just wait until you've got a demo though, get out there and start playing while you put the demo together.
I think a combination of both, you should have a demo to give out to venues or to pass out to fans, and working on them should make your songs tighter, also getting some shows will help your songs get tighter.
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You could also set up a Myspace or Facebook (if you haven't already). A&R people/labels have been using these quite frequently, I hear. Once you get that set up, record some crappy, at-home demos, and upload those. If you sound great through terrible equipment, labels will love you.

In the meantime, choose the both option. A fan base along with a good quality demo is always the best idea.