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that one's been dead for a while so here's V2.

- no stock photos.
- if you quote someone's pics remove the tags so there isn't multiple sets of the same pics when you scroll through the thread.
- a brief description should accompany your photos. (no biggie if you skip this one)

that's about it, lets see what you've got.
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I don't have anything awesome to show off, but i can take pics when i come home, maybe.
this is my setup

i just could not resist

jackson dk2 2008
hamer xt sunburst qt
epiphone g400
peavey vk212
morley p wah
behringer pb1000
dige bm
big muff ny
behringer dc 9 comp
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The first few pictures are my bedroom in the basement. The drum set is in the room next to mine. I don't have any proper monitors yet, but hopefully by Christmas I will.

Gear specs:

Apple Macbook Aluminum
M-Audio Fast Track Ultra
GarageBand (gets the job done for now)
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro cans
SM-48 (found it in my brother's basement, it's an alright mic)
Oktava condenser mic

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus
Fender MIM Stratocaster
Fender Blues Junior
Fender MIM P-Bass
Boss Blues Driver
Big Muff Pi
Boss DD-7 Delay

a BIG ASS MUTHA****IN BASS DRUM (Ludwig from the 50s)
Ludwig Supraphonic snare from the 70s
Ludwig drum set from the 60s (not pictured)
well it isnt much, but heres what im using at the moment:

and then a close up of my mixer, cause its pretty much the only real piece of gear i have out right now:

basicly its a PV6 mixer running into an iMic into my laptop. then my laptop runs out from the iMic back to the mixer for monitering purposes (sorta). ive got a mic you can see in the first pic, and you can sorta catch a glimpse of some pedals up top and my guitar off to the right. getting a new computer soon (within a week, maybe tomorrow) so i havent really set things up too nicely. once i get the new comp, i plan on hooking things up and getting a bit of a nicer setup going.
CatharsisStudio - I wanna come over and play! Damn Dude - nice setup...
Now running an Eleven Rack with Pro Tools 10.3.3 - it's amazing and I'm having ball with it - worth every penny. PT 10 is tops IMO and the Eleven Rack is a work of art!
I'l post as soon as over 50% of my gear is in one place..
Epiphone Elitist SG (Serious)
Tokai Silver Star
Epiphone Dot
Epiphone Les Paul
Washburn J28SCEDL
Washburn J12S

G.A.S List

JCM600 (Yes a 600..)
I dont even think its worth posting pics of my gear, but it does consists of my Valveking, a 1/8in male to 1/4in female adapter, my Asus G71 laptop, my AIWA stero, and my guitar. Pertty sad recording gear, I'll post pics when I find my camera, if I find it.

EDIT: Found a camera, here comes pics!!

My Asus G71 laptop, where everything is processed in Reaper.(Yes, I know there are kantana's behing it).

My AIWA NSX-D757 Digital mini Hi-Fi surround sound stero

My amp and pedals, I use my amp as a preamp, I know I'm sad.

That little adapter, with the instrument cable going into it, revolutionized my recordings, cost about $3.

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Shitty beginner Ibanez(which i love to death)>Presonus Firebox>iMac and Audioengine A2's.>Logic Pro.
Dell 3.4GHz/4GB
Presonus Inspire
Cubase SX3
-Addictive Drums
-Steven Slate Drums
-Ampeg SVX
M-Audio BX-5's

Epi Les Paul-APH1/Mean 90
MIM Strat

Korg DTR1000
Mesa/Boogie Quad Pre
Mesa/Boogie Midi Matrix
<power amp>

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I'm having my studio redone (isolation, painting, etc...) so in the meantime I have no choice but to have the basics in my appartment:

The ghetto TEMPORARY (thank god) setup
(Invalid img)

Mackie 1604
(Invalid img)

Alesis 3630 Compressor
(Invalid img)

KRK Monitors
(Invalid img)

M-Audio Delta 1010
(Invalid img)

The setup again
(Invalid img)

Not pictured:
mics shure 57,58,27 etc...
m-audio oxygen61 keyboard
schecter damien 7 and omen 6
fender precision bass

EDIT: Upon posting this, IMG tags don't seem to be working right now for me so I'll sort this out in the morning.
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i use my guitar amp as a preamp, basically using the firewire 410 as an external speaker. new midi controller coming this week too (m audio axiom 25). running pro tools m powered on the imac.
Jay Turser ES-335 w/ 2 Burstbuckers OR
J&E Custom w Duncan SSL3 and SHL59>
MXR Dynacomp>
Ibanez TS-9>
Dunlop Crybaby>
Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212
effects loop:
Boss BD-2>
Danelectro Vibe>
Boss DD-6>
Morley Volume

my shit screams.
Don't have a picture but here it is in writing:


Apple iMac
Logic express 9 (thinking of upgrading to studio 9)
Plug ins are just Logics own plug ins
EZdrummer vintage rock EZX
EZdrummer DFH
Superior drummer 2.0

Musical equipment:
Epiphone les paul
Knock off tele
Ibanez bass
Ibanez rg350 dx
Washburn acoustic
Novation 25sl mk2 midi controller
Apogee gio interface
Blue icicle mic to usb converter
Steinheiser microphone
Krk rokit 5's
A bunch of guitar effects (covers almost every guitar effect you could need)

There is probably something I have missed from the list but it's not intentional and if I do come across it i'll update the post and endeavour to get some pictures up

PC: Dell 1545

External HDD: Iomega 1TB

Interface: Guitar Link USB

Software: Guitar Rig 2 and Audacity

Mic: Shure SM58

Headphones: Pro-Luxe PX-712

Keyboard: Casio AS-2

Speakers: Trust 2.1 speakers

Amp (not in pic): Behringer Ultrabass BX600

Basses (not in pic): Fender Jazz Bass MIM (07-08)

Peavey Palaedium bass (90-91)


Fender Jazz Bass MIM (2008)
Peavey Palaedium (1990-91)

Behringer Ultrabass BX600

Digitech BP80

M-Audio Fast Track USB


Shure SM58