Hi everyone,

I will be buying a tube amp in the near future and nailed it down to two (actually three) choices:

Oranger Rocker 30 Combo

Oranger Rockerverb 50 Combo

Hiwatt Hi-Gain 50 Combo

I'm looking for that typical stoner rock / 70's hard rock sound. I have tried the Hiwatt and it sounds great, but some friends of mine play orange and that sounds great too. To me that evens it out between the two 50 watt amps, but...

Would the Rocker 30 be loud enough for small / medium gigs? We're a loud band, our lead guitarist plays a 100 watt Mesa half-stack (!). I like the Rocker, because it's small and easy to carry around while the other two are real backbreakers.

Which one should I get? 30 or 50 watts?
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50 watts isnt really going to be much louder than 30.

it all depends how much clean headroom you need.

will your lead guitarist be playing loud clean stuff you need to compete with? if so, are you against mic'ing your amp and sending it through the PA? how loud does your lead guitarist play? are you planning to have more than a single 12" speaker?

these are questions you need to answer.

if your not against micing it, im sure the 30 watt will be fine no matter what. If you need loud cleans compared to the mesa without micing it, then go for the 50. If your lead guitarist cranks his amp up like crazy, get the 50 and Id still reccomend a 4x12 cab for it just to sound as big as he does...

in all probability the 30 watt will probably be fine. hell, a valve junior at 5 watts can get to small gig volumes easily if its plugged into a 4x12 cab...

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Thanks, I'm not against micing the amp. It that case it won't be a problem, my question was more towards playing small clubs that don't have a p.a. but just a small set to amplify vocals. Will the 30 watts be loud enough to cut through the drums?

We don't have any clean parts (at least I don't) and our lead guitarist doesn't crank it up that loud, but loud enough. I think his volume is just below half (if that makes any sense).

Right now I play a Flextone III (65 watts) and that's a solid state which works fine, and I don't even crank it all the way up. I just can't get that typical tube amp stoner sound from it.
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Anyone else who can give me some advice on the 30 or 50 watt question?
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Went to the shop yesterday and tried a few amps (Orange, Marshall), and I have thrown all options out of the window. I'm getting this in one month:

This is one truly amazing amp, and I would advise anyone to try this baby out. My choice is made, Blackstar is the amp for me.
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