Hey guys,

anybody have any recommendations for songs I could learn that are similar to Stop this train, Heart of life, or Why Georgia by John Mayer? or anything like I Will Follow You into the Dark by Death Cab for cutie? just songs that sound nice and full and percussive by themselves.

Thanks a lot!
Some Jason Marz songs actually use a similar technique as Mayer's thumb slapping on songs like Stop this train and Heart of life. Joshua Radin songs are quite similar in style to DCFC songs, in fact, his song called winter is very close to Follow You Into The Dark, both being played with fifth fret capo and arppegiating Am C and G. I play another one of his called 'What if you,' which is played with a sixth fret capo which is pretty cool and in that same Follow You into the dark style. Another one you should check out is some Ben Harper acoustic stuff. Forever, Please Bleed(acoustic version), and Please Please me Like You Want To are fun to play. Cath and Grapvine Fires from DC are cool as well. For acoustic Mayer songs, learn Neon(The Where The Light Is version is awesome), also learn Comfortable, look up some of his earlier unreleased stuff, 'lifelines' and 'The Hurt' in particular. And actually, the riffs in Why Georgia are relative to the style of Clapton's 'Would you know my name' if you have never learned that.
John Mayer recently has a new single: Who Says. It's REALLY a lot like Stop This Train but very cool and not that hard. You should look it up
whoaaah AK, thanks a lot i'll check those out. thanks buske too, any more suggestions out there?