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Hmm .. how old wore you when you started playing? I remember i was 7 years old and i hated guitar because it was too big for me and i wanted to play Metal stuff but i played 7 years of clasic.. But it helped my fingers and my music thinking |
\ /
I was 19.. I'm now 21. Not a very musical person, but my love for the music I like kind of forced me into playing. Just couldn't ignore such tastey riffs ^^
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Wow 7, nice.

I started when I was 14, just before my 15th birthday. Im 19 next Friday so that's a decent 4/5 years now. Can't even play anything decent apart from Rhythm Guitar haha.
I started playing when i was 11, im only 15 now but still, im glad i started young.
A couple of months before I turned 17.
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Well i`m 15 now too but i started 7 so If you want to see how i play .. Yep i know that now 10 guys will say that i`m advertising but i`m just showing ! And if you have some links and stuff of your playing post them here !

That Intro is amazing
I can see the Pantera Influences there, am I right?

No offense though , I think you should get a new singer
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Hey man am.. In the demo we recorded ( right? We are still whit the former vocal we changed him.You can hear the new vocal here We will record the new songs with him. (But in our myspace don`t listen to the vocal just listen to the instumental music) Cheers !
i was around 13/14. im now 16, turning 17 in january.. i improved heaps from playing at the jams, and im giving lessons, so Id say im pretty good.
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11, so... a little over 3 years ago. I've come a long way.
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Well I'm going to get my first guitar in about two months lol, but I'm in a guitar class right now so I guess I have already started playing. I'm 15.
Started when I was 15, I'm 18 now.
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^how to play drums.

Picked it up just over a year ago, im now 18 and ive just hit a wall with my playing :S sad times...
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started on a classical
now i have a js
and hopefully a vox ac15 soon
what a diffrence
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6 ... some 39 years ago.

In 1970 I started with a 3/4 scale acoustic for a year. Then to a semi-hollow electric for 6 years. It died and I got a solid body (Les Paul style) electric. Over the years I have played 6 strings, 12 strings, and bass. Sold the 12 string and basses decades ago, and have recently added them back to my herd and then some.

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22 or 23 long enough ago I do not remember since I will be 47 in a couple weeks. It is long enough ago that I can become a professional crapy player.

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I was like 13, now I'm 18
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43. I was doing night shifts and had time to kill. Its not all bad though,because I could afford to buy some nice vintage amps and guitars.That was seven years ago and I've played every day since. i even take a 1960s 6 watt valve amp and one of my guitars on holiday .
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15, but I didn't take it even a little seriously until I was 17. I'm 18 now, and I can play a lot of stuff, but I'm not particularly good at any of it.
17, im now 18, so a year and a little bit
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#28 3 weeks i'm 17
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6 yrs old.
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I was a late bloomer... I started at 35, I am now 39, just got the bug to want to learn and haven't stopped since.

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Starteddd when i was 10, now i'm 17.

For the first few years it was a case of picking it up and down and strumming the odd power chord, so i never improved...
But now over the past 2 years i've really started to improvee.
I was either 14 or 28...been playing for a while now and still loving it and still learning and progressing everyday.
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13 or 14 can't remember. 22 now, but the amount of time I play now can't compare to how much I played back then.
I started playing when i was 14, although now I wish I would have started back when I first found my calling in music, the first time I listened to Iron Maiden.
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13 or 14 can't remember. 22 now, but the amount of time I play now can't compare to how much I played back then.

I feel you on that one. I remember playing from the time I got home till dinner and then until bed....6-8 hours easily a i'm lucky if I get 2-3 a day.
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