Aight...ive been playin for a while now im 20......just listened to Jimi's Band of Gypsys for like the 1000th time and want to figure out everything hes doing on this Cd...It's pains me to know i could play shit like that but im still playin purple haze and all the kiddie shit..... from pure listening i pick up that i need to have insane Vibrato skills,insane sense of rythym and note placement and pretty much godly ass guitar skills ....does anyone have an idea of what scales jimmy is mixing on tracks like "power of love" and "we gotta live together" ....if you wanted to play like this what would you be practising?? I have plenty of time for workin on it and wanted some ideas that might help me reach that ****in level.......i dont want to learn the songs note for note i jus want to have an idea of WTf jimmy was practising to sound like that...thanks!!!