I acquired an Ibanez RGA121NTF today and its got a set of v8/v7 Ibanez pickups. Naturally I want to change these out and drop tune this guitar to hell. I have an ESP Eclipse in Drop C with an EMG 81/60 set which is decent but I think there must be a better combo. I've considered an EMG 85 for the bridge but don't know what to grab for the neck. Suggestions for bridge and neck are needed. I will be playing metalcore type stuff like Parkway Drive, and Dead to Fall. I'm looking for a tight sounding set that delivers my precious pinch harmonics.

Replies about string gauges and whatnot need not apply, I know what to do.

e: To clarify, its an H/H setup.
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Anything active. Then it's more about personal choice.
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(i thought hot strings would make me finger faster.)
so i tried to set my strings on fire by putting a lighter on the high e string n it cut it so wtf??!!? i passed the lighter rrly slowly by it for less then a sec n then it snapped...
seymour duncan blackouts. mick thomson uses them in drop A.
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seymour duncan blackouts. mick thomson uses them in drop A.

I have a single in my single pickup Fender. It is amazing. Turned a halfway decent sounding guitar to amazing. And you drop tune & those are even more amazing! I tried it in Drop D & wow... /drool
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Yeah, from what i've heard alot of people prefer Blackouts to EMG's, can't say i've used them myself.
bareknuckle warpigs
Seymour duncan blackouts
the new EMG X series
DImarzio d-sonic and air norton maybe
ive been using a dimarzio x2n in a RG570 in Drop B and C#.
Very easy to get harmonics, sounds good for riffing but its pretty bright(which i think is good for dropped tunings) and loud.
I'm running my dual rec on modern, spongy and vacuum tubes. I sacrifice a bit of bottom end tightness but i love the gain and the tones.

My friend wont let me drop tune his d-sonics even to drop D, so i can't help with that one.
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