Could be a really stupid question but I'm a beginner.

I found this exercise but I don't really understand if you must play it all over the fredboard or just the first 5?

4 note per beat pattern (16th note pattern in musical terms).

all over. why not?
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Another good idea is this

Keep on doing that patern up and down and once u get down to the low E again go up 1 fret.
Also play this with a constant steady metronome or simple drum beat with some easy to follow fills at a tempo that is about 10 BPM slower than the fastest you can play cleanly.
MAKE SURE to use your pinky. This exercise is just to increase the strength of all your fingers and help you with rhythm. You should always play with a metronome and sway as many parts of your body as you can to the beat. without looking lame of course .
As you move up the fretboard the frets are closer together, so you want to move up the fretboard to get your fingers used to the difference.
Either do it on frets 1-4, 9-12 and 15-19, or, just start on 1234 and when you get to the bottom of each run move up one fret.