i just got a nice new marshall cab but i was confused cause i hooked it up to my head, Laney TT50H, which has the abilty to run 4, 8 and 16ohms, which was the fine, cause the cab does the same. i was just a bit confused as to why sound was only coming out of 2 of 4 speakers until i turned the cab onto mono? bit of a nub when it comes to ohms etc haha!

can someone clear it up for me?
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Mono = one line to the speakers so this would automatically make use of the four speakers
Stereo = two lines to the speakers, so this would only use 2 speakers unless you have obviously another input
cool i get it now, how would i wire up for stereo then, and would it sound even nicer? i didnt wanna frazzle any fuses so i just stuck with mono for now
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ahh sounds fun would that also mean like...a sort of A/B thing going on? also, on chaining cabs, how would i do that? (not nesecary for me as i dont have 2 cabs, just curious lol)
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