Ok I am currently looking for an amp under 800 USD that can provide me with beautiful cleans and blazing distortion, similar to Opeth's sound. Any recommendations?
dont forget to get a step up transformer from 110v to 240v (i have a feeling i got the details wrong, feel free to correct me).
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Too bad the prices will never come down in our stores even if our dollar was worth more than the US dollar we'd still pay 4 times the price.

Be careful buying from overseas if it breaks you have to send it back overseas to claim the warranty
Just spend a bit more and buy my engl screamer 50 head. has beautiful cleans and blazing gain. Hows my old cab treating ya Chris. nothing can beat the bass on that thing.
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Man thats a long drive.

Also TS the shipping on an amp from america would be horrendous.

an extra 100$ ish maybe 200

just take that into account when buying but generally you can save 50% + from buying overseas