I have had this up for awhile for sale and have not really gotten any interest which is surprising. I am really missing my LP already and would like to get another. Gibson is preferred but will also entertain offers for PRS SC or CU22,24. ESP (or Edwards) Eclipse/LP. Let me know what you got. I will add cash for the right guitar. I will entertain other nice guitar offers as well (i.e. Anderson, Suhr, etc.) I am also still willing to sell. $1,500 Shipped/PP'ed The guitar has a handful (3 or 4) nicks on the upper part by the monkey grip, and some on the back as well *see pics* None of them damage the would just the finish. It also has a couple of nicks on the back of the neck but none that affect playability. It also has no truss rod cover or backplate. I can get better pics of some of the dings but it may be hard with my shitty camera.Please PM me any offers I would also be willing to trade for the right amp as well. This thing plays like an absolute dream. I jsut cannot get used to the alder body. A touch to bright for me.

This is the model with the Ebony fretboard and Lo Pro edge tremolo.