i Have a rhoads model and i wanna switch the neck out for the reverse headstock one. i found one on ebay and it says its for a kelly but does that mean it only fits on a kelly or are all jackson necks the same.

also if i upgrade to a 24 fret will that fit because id much rather have that.
theyre pretty much the same. the only difference i know of is that after a certain year, they switched the size of the screws that go into it. i cant remember if they got bigger or smaller but if it isnt right you could just make the whole a little bigger. the only other thing youd have to worry about is if its a certain kind like my old kelly is, it would have a lot thicker neck on it. and ive heard switching from 22-24 screws up your intonation but you could always redo that yourself.
it's going to screw up intonation and you might have move the neck pup because of 24 fret extension.
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Quote by Blacken Seas
it's going to screw up intonation and you might have move the neck pup because of 24 fret extension.

It can ruin your intonation and the neck pickup might get in the way, but you can firgure out if it's going to work or not.

If the measurements are not listed then ask the seller for them.

You'll need the width of the end of the neck that will go into the neck pocket of the guitar. Make sure it's going to fit. You can get away with it being a little too tight, if your willing to sand off about a 1/16th off either the neck butt or the pocket.

Also, you'll need the measurements for the fretbroad, from the nut to the 12th fret and to the end of the neck. Add the length of the neck to the length of the neck pocket to the bridge saddles, divide that by 2. This should be close to the nut to 12th string measurement, if not, your intonation will be off.
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I doubt a 24 fret neck would work. You would have to move the neck pickup and it would be way more work then 2 more frets are worth