Hi UG'ers,

so i'm not too familiar with the Acoustic forums of UG, but was wondering if you guys could help me out all the same. My HSC - the Higher School Certificate - kinda like America's SATs, is around this time next year, and want to decide my three song choices for music. I was thinking a blend of acoustic and electric songs, and was hoping you guys could help me choose an acoustic song that has great balance of technique, rhythm and lead.

Some premature thoughts were:
1. Andy Mckee
2. Tommy Emmanuel
3. Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Tamacun (i especially like this one atm)

Any help would be appreciated on the topic, cheers from Aus!
George Benson, Eric clapton, Pat Methany. George Benson is good cause a lot of the markers are fimiliar with his songs.