have a DC-5 head, Studio Preamp and old 50/50 poweramp for sale. I'm trying to downsize my amp setup a bit.

DC-5 Head: The DC is in good shape cosmetically with only a small rust patch on the metal part of the handle on top. Mechanically, it works great and gets a great Mark-ish lead tone with a good Fender-ish clean channel. The only mod done to it to my knowledge was a mod to the volume pot to smooth out the taper a bit. I'm asking 750 shipped for the head.

Studio Pre and 50/50: Both pieces of equipment were re-tubed recently. The poweramp has Ruby 6L6's while the studio has a mixture of tubes. Both have a few small scratches due to rack mounting, but are fairly clean on the face plates. The poweramp is in fine working order on both channels. The Studio is lacking reverb, but is fine otherwise. I believe the reverb can be fixed, but the springs are missing. I'm asking 500 a piece, shipped, for each one. If you are looking to buy both together, I could come down a bit depending on shipping costs. PM me if you have any other questions or want more pics.