How important do you guys consider learning songs to be?
I'm finding that if you never learn songs, your creativity goes kinda stale :/
Any input?
It's definitely important, helps improve your techniques and your overall tightness playing. Playing your own stuff is all well and good but it's good to try jam along to your favourite songs
I agree with both of those^

also it just helps to keep things interesting
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makes ur of ur skills/techniques? it's boring just playing exercises or something. or make songs.
I think you can work on individual techniques without playing songs, but to play whole songs all the way through is important i think.
Creativity, Technique, Tightness, and Influence.

By Playing other peoples music, It gives you a base on which to do your own music, and involves new Ideas, thus Giving you Creativity and Influence.

Songs are often more Challenging than what you yourself make up, Therefore making your technique better, and allowing you to play much more smoothly.

Learn songs.
show you different techniques and are generally more fun than doing finger exercises and scales