I am getting my new cab and have decided on a vader for my MarkIV.
Question is, what configuration. I like the idea of a 2x12 because I can keep it at home for practice while my 4x12 or other 2x12 sits at the practice space.

I just need 4 speakers, but I'm not sure I want 2 2x12's because it is more expensive and it's an extra cab to haul if I want 4 speakers.

Never really going to need a 3/4 stack with a 2x12 and a 4x12 but the flexibility seems nice.

Any thoughts or experience?
i would say go with the 2x12 for mobility purposes. they are so much easier to move unless you get a 4x12 that has casters and possibly a road case. Either way a vader cab with a mark IV is going to own. i have heard a 6505+ through a vader and the punch was amazing, im guessing the mark IV will easily top the combination i had heard.

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