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Jaska Raatikainen was pretty cool when I met him. He was just smiling away and answered all my questions.
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Didn't he try to steal George Harrisons wife or girl friend?

he didn't try to, he did steal harrison's wife

Clapton is a nice guy now he's mellowed with age/got off heroin/coke/booze, but he was a dick in the 60s with his blues elitism and genral leaving John Mayall without giving him any notice. That said, he's was the nicest member of Cream (not saying much haha)

I'd say Paul Gilbert and BB King, as well as Alex James.

John Entwistle when he was alive, as well as Mitch Mitchell
i always though clapton seemed like a tosser, supporting enoch powell and saying england is becoming a black colony.

ontopic: devendra banhart/ joanna newsom and all that folky scene
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i always though clapton seemed like a tosser, supporting enoch powell and saying england is becoming a black colony.

In Clapton's denfence, he was a horrendous heroin junkie alcoholic at the time, not that it excuses it. Also it wasn't against blacks, but rather asians/arabs after some guy from the Saudi Royal family tried to grope his wife (Harrison's wife originally) in an airport
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Yes but he's creepy.

He is very creepy. He was peforming live a couple of days ago on the tv and it seems like he is on crack
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Thurston Moore is the coolest guy I've ever met.

You've met Thurston Moore?

Can I touch your face please?

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The only reason it exists is because drugs get people fucked up, and people love getting fucked up.

I know (sorta) the guitarist from Origin. My friend was going through a bad time, and I was trying to console her, and the guy offered some kind words. It was pretty sweet.
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The Stills' bassist was so chill when I met him, really chill and down to earth guy.
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Every single member of Kreator is nice, I've met them and they're the nicest people you could think of.
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Paul Gilbert is a deer

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You've met Thurston Moore?

Can I touch your face please?

Hells yeah, to both meeting him and you touching my face.
Oct. 20th, 2009: New guitar AND front row for Mars Volta.

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Is that a ukulele in your pants, or did you just rip ass to the tune of "Aloha Oi"?

I met Sonic Youth on June 30th, and Mars Volta on Oct 20th.
Joe Satriani, or Fenriz, or King ov Hell
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Those guys were a bunch of twats.

What do you mean 'were'? They're all alive and still a band. And i've seen a hundred different interviews with those guys, they're all very charismatic and kind, and all philanphropists. I don't see how they qualify as 'twats'.

I'd say the members of RHCP all seem very nice aswell. And I met Duff Mckagan once, very nice guy.
Probably Petrucci. Seems like a nice fellow, despite him being a bear.
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My first lolstack!
Dimebag seemed like a friendly guy. I would say Mark Hoppus, but god knows what he's like now.

Actually, if I could meet any famous musician, it would be Phil X, just because he seems like such a cool dude.
chris wolstenholme, marco hietala, brian may.
King Diamond (seriously, no joke), george corpsegrinder fisher, come to think of it, all of cannibal corpse
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I''d congratulate him.

To be fair, he's done amazingly well to punch my hand when it's usually in my pocket.
Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence is a nice guy, and so is the vocalist from A Plea for Purging
I got to know Stephen and Abe from the Deftones in '96 when they were touring between Adrenaline and Around the Fur. They kept in touch with us (the band I was in at the time) for a long time and are seriously some of the nicest, coolest people.
I've met the devil wears prada guys.

all of them were very nice and super cool.


Craig owens was super chill and cool.
but i have heard he can be a dick to some people lol

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I met Duff McKagan, he was awesome, as were the guys from Sanctity and Annihilator.
Dave Grohl is always being called the nicest man in rock.
Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda both seem really cool and down to earth.
The dudes from State Radio, particularly Chad, are all really cool people, and really big on human rights and charity work.
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I want to say Myles of my friends got to do an interview on him for the Alter Bridge page and he seemed really chill and down to earth. And from what he told me all of the guys from AB are pretty down to earth as well because he was with them for a little bit after one of their concerts.
I've met the guys from Stratovarius, nice guys, really humble and funny especially Jens.
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marilyn manson.......... not at all
but seriously les paul had to have been the kindest person alive. R.I.P.
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So who are some of the nicest people in Music?

Eric Clapton, Tony Iommi, Brain May and David Gilmour all seem like pretty nice guys

Tony Iommi used to beat up Ozzy when they were younger.
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Now that is an epic win right there!!!!

I made an epic win
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Iron Maiden seems to be a nice bunch o' people.

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Tony Iommi used to beat up Ozzy when they were younger.

Are you serious, he comes across as a nice guy now well in his interviews