I wrote this song with the rest of my band. We were going for an old school/classic heavy metal sound with this song.
The song is in my Profile, called "Outta my sight".

All lead guitar work is by me.

Our rhythm guitarist is SUPER FCKING TIGHT, he double tracked everything!!

Vocals yet to be added.

Drums are basic guitar pro drums still, I need a bit of time to work on a better sounding and less boring drum track with more variations and cymbal work and so on...

So go on. Be BRUTALLY HONEST, tell me where I'm good, and, more importantly, where I suck.



EDIT: Please, when you crit this, do pay special attention to my PHRASING in my solos, I really need to work on that that, mention what you like/dislike about it, thanks
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Reminds me power rangers! Anyway I really like it overall sounds really good, guitaring is really nice!

What kind of vocals will get over the top just out of interest? I would like to hear more solo parts during the song as they are tight and very aswome.

It reminds me of f-zero-x , not sure if youve every played that.

Overall nice work guys keep it up sounding very tight.


Well the song has Rob Halford style vocals as of now although that might change in favour of a more power metal style of singing...Thanks for the crit, crit of your song coming up..
Sounds pretty good, save for the midi drums.

Seriously, that's pretty beastly.
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Yeah I know, I'll program better drums once I get my hands on a good software like Drumkit from Hell or something..
Thanks for the replies guys!!
That is some tight rhythm dude

Pretty good song but indeed a bit repetitive, but vocals will solve that probably.

I liked the solo's! There only was this one part with the giant pickslide, that sounded a bit weird (the long pickslide sounded weird)... 2.38 is a good solo, like that one.

Crit mine?
the midi drums rape my ear, and they're really badly programmed (no variations, weak fills, distorted) and distorted, i know you mentioned it before but... yeah.

you got mad guitar chops, kudos, really liked the solos, and if you'd fill the riff-only sections with vocals the song would really rip. for the phrasing, in your long-hold notes i missed a bit of vibrato speed. overall i dig the really classical feel to it (even though its absolutely not my cup of tea), but when you listen to it you just get that picture of this 80s heavy metal band destroying a stage in mind.

what needs major improovement is the bass sound (not the playing, was fine , maybe a bit more scale oriented playing would be nice, not just root notes, steve harris ^^) but the overall sound is waaay to small 30watt fender bassman wannabe like, some major fatness needs to be added there.

but hire a decent drummer and singer and the song will rockout heavily!

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Yeah man, I was the one who programmed the drums, thats why they're so friggin lame
Our drummer is INSANE...the VERY BEST I've ever played with...

Crits for your songs coming up KoenDercksen and Loney. Thanks for your crits