Just bought it off Craigslist. Mexican Strat, purchased from a music store 5 months ago, the guy really needed to get rid of it and mostly plays his acoustic so he sold it to me, case, gigbag, and all for 250. Not a scratch on it and if you look at the pickguard, the tone knob still has some plastic under neath it. Also, he upgraded the tuners to Sperzel locking tuners and had the tremelo stabilized at a local guitar shop, I know the guy that works there so I know it was all done right too.
Plays like a dream with nice low action. Couldn't be happier, I think I got a heck of a deal.

EDIT: Also, I'm looking into a nice tube amp at the moment. I want something around the 15-20 watt range and I really love the fender deluxe something or other I played at the store the other day, but it was 40 watts and out of my price range. Whats a good amp to be looking out for on Craigslist? I play mostly blues and classic rock and alittle bit of newer alternative rock. Pretty much anything but death metal. I've been looking at a fender blues junior or similar. Are they good and would I be getting a good tone out of it? I'd just like to know peoples opinions before I drive out of my to go check out an amp only to be disappointed.


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Sexy. Now do the right thing and put a black pickguard on that beast.
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Very nice looking. I'm jealous. HNGD.
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Looks nice. I think my friend has that exact same guitar (even same finish). If so, then I have played one and I love the way it feels/plays. Happy new guitar day!
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Sexy. Now do the right thing and put a black pickguard on that beast.

This only a tortoise shell pickguard.
Awesome guitar and price ... especially with the locking tuners.
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It feels a little good inside to be fair, i feel like i rocked to hard that i killed my amp.


looks awesome! HNGD!

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Plus one to tortise shell and hngd
*lust list*
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if you played the fender blues deluxe and liked it why not get the fender blues junior thats cheaper and 15 watt
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This only a tortoise shell pickguard.

Beat me to it.
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if you played the fender blues deluxe and liked it why not get the fender blues junior thats cheaper and 15 watt

I don't think I played the fender blues deluxe, it was something else but I'm interested in a blues junior for sure, just not positive yet. I kinda like the other 15 watt amp they have out that has the different voicings but I've heard that the voicings are pretty poor quality considering.

Also, I don't know how a black or tortoiseshell pickgaurd is gonna look. I've kind of been wanting to see about a cream colored pickgaurd. I do want to change it though. Where's the best place to get a pickgaurd and knobs and pickup covers for a strat for a good price?

And it sounds great. Im playing it on my vypyr for now and it sounds good, much hotter than my ibanez, really no comparison, but Ive played it on my brothers Vox 15 watt tube amp and it sounded so much better that I instantly realized what I was missing. I'm not angry I have my vypyr, since I havn't played electric all that much til know, but I'm thinking a blues junior or similar will be a big step up.
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250, wow, nice deal. HNGD!
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