I definatly wouldn't get the one with the Floyd. To be honest, if I were you, go look at some used MIM HSS Fender Strats, they're so much better than SXs.
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I've played a couple of SX strats. Some guys I have jammed with were all about them. For the price, they're great once you get it setup. I liked that they had jumbo frets on them.

I agree with Lil Macker that a MIM strat quality would probably be much better though.
^They really aren't.

I find them the same quality rought minus the pickups.

I wouldn't bother with the floyd though. The sst57 though is just as nice as a mim strat imo. I have two guitars from them an al-3000 les paul copy which is much nicer than a standard epi, and a douglas roads v which is nice for the 100 bucks.
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I've bought from them. A douglas strat copy. Reliable company. Very legit. Guitars are not all that bad.
I got a p series(im not sure what its called, its a prs copy) and its awesome. Although i do plan on getting real prs pickups installed.
I have an Agile Dauntless (didn't have the money to spare for an AL-3x00 at the time) and while it's not the greatest playing guitar ever (It could use a pick up swap), you'd be hardpressed to find a sturdier or more beautiful guitar for the price. And yeah, they are built really well. I can't speak for the rest of the Rondo guitars, but ALs are much better than Epiphones in the same price range.
I think Rondo guitars are great for the money so long as you're only spending $100-400. Past those price points I feel you start to lose the plot. Rondo makes very good budget guitars. Stuff that you can buy for a couple hundred and keep for years. Buying an $800 guitar from them seems moronic. You get something pretty that doesn't play much better than their $199 AL-2000 models.

Buying one as an upgrade project seems like it would be fun. I actually did (and still do) really want a Douglas WRL 590. Neck-thru, floyd, pretty; $199. Slap in some GFS pickups and give it a setup and I'm sure it would be a pretty snazzy throw-around axe.
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I have an AL-2500 and it has served me well over the years; about four, to be exact.

The only problems I've had:

1. Setup was bad when I got it, but I was able to fix it.

2. The screws that hold the pickup rings and pick guard on have rusted a little, but that's mostly due to the high salt content of my sweat and my excessive sweating when playing guitar, plus the fact that I never clean the guitar.

Other than that it's been great but I'm looking to upgrade. I mean, I love the thing, but I think I'm ready to move on.
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