Been playing for a year and a half. Stuff is in my profile. Sorry about crappy guitar tone.
Very raw (mostly 1 take stuff you get the idea) any tips or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
tune your guitar and then record the 50s rock one again

you asked...

sounds pretty cool though
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Quote by Madcarp
thanks for the reply and i will

it was mainly just a couple spots towards the beginning that i noticed it... really not a big deal but noticeable.

when somebody who doesn't play hears you playing out of tune... to them, it sounds like you're just playing it wrong.

but hey, if a little tuning issue is the only thing i could find to gripe about, then it can't be that bad, right?
Yes it was just a bit out... thank you for being honest. It seems like I am stuck at this point... Not sure which direction to go now. No biggie I'll just keep practicing and hopefully break through.
i feel like i have heard that "zoom" riff a hundred times. it sounds good n all but its pretty generic.
Yes the riff on the Zoom song is very familiar, but I am not trying to infringe on anyone's work (as i will not use this as my original song) just using it as a base for practice. Thanks for the reply.
You say your tone is crappy but i dunno, i quite liked it... just keep at it really, theres room for improvement, but for someone with a year and a half of playing behind them its pretty good
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Thanks barfrog i will keep at it...I wasn't sure if I would keep at it when i started, I thought my guitar would just collect dust. But i really enjoy playing... just wish I had someone to jam with...